Politicians continue Mass Evictions, order Police to attack Doorstep Demos

Posted on 10 Ἀπρίλιος 2013


Politicians continue Mass Evictions, order Police to attack Doorstep Demos

many commit suicide when eviction day arrives

‘Escrache’ in Spanish means a demo at the home of a corrupt person in power.

In recent weeks a wave of such demos has spread round Spain, protesting aginst politicians rejection of the proposed popular law to stop mortgage evictions (now running at over 500 a day).

The anti eviction campaign went viral and the PAH platform gathered over 1 million signatures to qualify for presenting a progressive new law.

But the politicians, themselves mired in a huge wave of disgusting money scandals, are rejecting it, to squeeze every penny possible to help their banker friends and feed the insatiable creditors.

They have even refused to abolish ‘dación en pago’ whereby you have to go on paying the mortgage, often for 40 years, even after you have been evicted and the house repossessed. This is so unjust that people are furious. Especially since the public now realise that the credit for loans is just ‘created’ by the banks, out of thin air (though in relation to their levels of our deposits).

They have been quick to rush in new laws against the ‘terrorists’ who take the protest to their homes and urge the police to even more horrific violence to prevent ‘intimidation’.

no more suicides!

Some mortgage victims just give up, couples suicide together, or jump out the window when the police arrive to evict them, adding to the growing list of mortgage martyrs.

There follows an analysis of the new doorstep tactic of ‘Escrache’. Translated with the help of Google.

More doorstep demos for politicians bankers and Capitalists
by Jose Iglesias Fernandez

Dictatorial or democratic capitalism has legal mechanisms to exercise state violence when their interests are threatened. Now that private property and its power to control the wealth is questioned it shows escalating institutionalized repression.

Ester, who lost an eye when police opened fire on a peaceful demo

Legally repressive mechanisms of capitalism

Capitalism, dictatorial or democratic, has a number of legal mechanisms to exercise violence from the state when you consider that their interests are threatened.

[1] That is, when some groups question of private property and its power to control the wealth produced, they highlight their capacity for repression, institutionalized repression (from the public), exerted from the state, as is the legal system (enact welfare cuts, labor reforms, privatizing public services, dispossess the population of Rights), the police system and security forces, the judiciary, the penal system, the various armies, and the communications industry and the education system with its ability to influence and tame the awareness.4563097de6e277b8971291dd504eea7d_XL

[2] Moreover, the State authorities are in favor of protecting the powerful: “There is very serious corruption, bullying and harassment by financial institutions against the most vulnerable . Against honest citizens who have only stopped paying the mortgage because they cannot, because they have become unemployed, they send against all forces and the weight of the law. 


[ 3] They also exert violence by the ability of companies and banks (from the privat


sector) to fire workers  its now a  precarious life for citizens through garbage contracts, starvation wages, loss of purchasing power, evictions , and the ‘preferentes’ savings swindle, etc..

The ‘escrache’, one more way to fight

The term escrache born in “the Argentina due to demonstrations against the homes of people connected with the dictatorship and has now been  recovered the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) to press in the processing of the bill from popular legislative initiative  “. While PAH, to the extent they can activate forces, managed to stop some foreclosures, many politicians, especially those of the PP and PSOE are responsible for such injustices. If anything, we should urge the PAH  to extend escraches  to bankers, businessmen, some judges and rabid commentators, etc.


The PAH has always acted within the law. In fact one of their spokesmen reported as in


nded that the public understand the reasons for their struggle. But the media, alas, the media!, Avoid the possibility of contributing to this function: “I do not know if they have bowed to pressure from some media or if this is a corporate response, but we have no problem to explain how our actions. What’s more, we invite you to come and check that no one coerces or violence is exercised. They can also watch videos of every action we hang. All are public and announced “. [6]

escrache en b

The escrache proves its efficiency, should continue

The problem is that we live in a society where capitalism itself has gone from barbarism to harmful savagery. Spain today today is full of corruption scandals: Rita Barbera and handbags << >>, Barcenas and his Swiss accounts, Camps and his costumes << >>, Corinna, the friend of the King (and the famous legacy of his father, Don Juan, in Switzerland), A. Núñez Feijoo and narco M. Dorado, Jaume Matas, Millet / Montull and alleged illegal funding to CDC, Cristina and Urdangarin, the great Gürtel and Pallerols swindles, the Puyol family fraud(tax evasion and ITV), the Andalusian Socialist fraud, etc etc.

While the King makes big statements, and Prince expresses confidence and respect for the work of the judges, the Royal House is pushing successfully toi let off the princess Cristina  from trestifying in a corruption scandal in the Royal family itself.

The escrache as a form of civil disobedience

Hard conclusion. We are fucked Citizens, and things will worsen further in this transmutation of living capitalism. These reflections explain how the beast once transmuted, will turn more predatory and requiremore victims amnong citizens. Escrache is a necessary and efficient way to short circuit the privileges and endless legal defences of the 1%

Jose Iglesias Fernandez

Barcelona, ​​April 2013


[1] José Iglesias Fernandez. To build from the bottom up: neither state nor market. In

[2] says a teacher, using his ideological position of power in the classroom, that “battered women should not be separated because that’s love.” That “abortion in the case of rape is not tolerable because within the awfulness of the violation you get something good, a son, a gift of God.” El Periódico de Catalunya, March 28, 2013.

[3] Ada Colau. Kaos Network, March 29, 2013.

[4] Joan Cañete Bayle. “The trenches of escrache”. El Periódico de Catalunya, March 28, 2013.

[5] The lobbies are agencies that perform actions on behalf of the interests of powerful industries and multinationals. They are a way of bribing politicians legally.

[6] Ada Colau. Interview in El Periódico de Catalunya, March 27, 2013.

[7] La ​​Vanguardia, April 2, 2013.1351249111235

Centenares de personas secundan un ‘escrache’ ante la sede del PP en la calle Génova ante una fuerte presencia policial

por Kaos. Vivienda y okupación


Centenares de personas secundan un 'escrache' ante la sede del PP en la calle Génova ante una fuerte presencia policial
Cientos de personas se han concentrado la tarde de este martes frente a la sede del PP en la madrileña calle de Génova convocadas a través de las redes sociales para reclamar la tramitación de la Iniciativa Legislativa Popular (ILP) presentada en el Congreso y que solicita la dación en pago.


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