Greek hospital, TV workers fight austerity

Posted on 29 Ἰούνιος 2013


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Banner reads ‘No illusions, no self deceptions, we must overthrow the government ourselves’ Greek workers declare outside the Voula Hospital

From News Line daily in Britain:

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Overthrow Government keep hospitals open! say Greek medical workers

HUNDREDS of hospital workers staged a rally outside the Greek Health Ministry in Athens last Thursday morning against the planned closure by the coalition government of about 12 hospitals in the capital during the summer.

The hospital workers’ federation POEDIN had called a half-day strike.

Hospital workers participated in the rally with their banners calling for action to keep hospitals open and fight against the government.

The POEDIN banner stated: ‘Get rid of the law that allows the closure and merger of hospitals – recruit the necessary staff’.

Other hospital banners were much more forward. ‘No illusions, no self-deceptions – we must overthrow the government ourselves’, proclaimed the banner of the Voula hospital.

Speaking at the rally the President of POEDIN, Stavros Koutsioubelis, said that ‘there should be no illusions…

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