‘Send criminal pet shop owner to prison’

Posted on 19 Ὀκτώβριος 2013


‘Send criminal pet shop owner to prison’

This National Geographic video says about itself:Many animal traffickers kidnap slow lorises from their homes in the thick jungle and traumatize them by keeping them on busy city streets.

Translated from ANP news agency in the Netherlands:‘Pet shop owner to jail because of 140 dead animals’

10/17/13, 16:16

The owner of a pet store in Rotterdam where 140 dead animals were found in June will be going to jail, if what the justice department wants will happen. The prosecutor demanded on Thursday at the court in Rotterdam 3.5 years in prison, including one year probation.

The man is charged with lack of care for the animals. The dead animals in the shop included dingoeslizardschinchillasjerboasgerbils,rattlesnakes and turtles. The prosecution suspects that the animals died of hunger and thirst.

Reptiles fair

The accused is also said to have stolen about 20 protected animals. Among them were Indian pythonsboa constrictors and royal pythons. The animals were stolen from a reptile fair in April. The animals, which live in warm areas, the day after the theft were found dead or dying in a car.

The prosecution also asked the court for a specific measure. That means that the owner for the next ten years would not be allowed to sell, export or own animals any more.

Britain: October 2013: A man from Essex has been arrested by officers from the National Crime Unit on suspicion of smuggling endangered birds of prey: here.Related articles

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