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Thousands Protest Plans To Evict Squatters From Leftist Cultural Center

Over 8,000 protesters have clashed with riot police as they protested against the planned eviction of squatters from a popular social centre, and against the eviction of hundreds of people from their homes. The largely peaceful protest erupted following a baton charge, and use of teargas, and water cannons by the police. The protesters responded by building barricades, throwing stones, fireworks, and bottles. It is reported that over 500 people has been injured, and around 150 arrests made.

The Rote Flora is an old theatre building which has been used as a social centre since 1989, when it was first squatted/occupied. Since then, its reputation as the central point for leftist rallying has been further cemented. The initial sale of the building to developers took place in 2001, and has sparked widespread outrage and protest.

But the public anger itself had also to do with the wider issue of migrant and refugee rights, including those of the squatters at a run-down apartment block in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn area, which contains the so-called Esso Houses. The buildings, also often home to Germany’s Lampedusa refugees, were evicted last weekend because of their poor condition. The ‘Esso houses’ were home to around 300 people.

Running battles were fought throughout the night across Hamburg. Several shop fronts were smashed and many cars set on fire. The police claim that 82 officers required treatment for injuries.

A Rote Flora squatter commented on the immense violence by police:

“There was a mood of aggression from the outset,” adding that “we came under serious attack. It has become more violent than anything we have experienced in a long time. Through the overwhelming use of batons, pepper spray and water cannon, there were numerous injuries,”

Prior to the start of the demonstration the police had declared the city as a ‘Danger Zone’ which enables them utilize extended rights to stop and search, and to use preventative detention orders.

Hamburg has been the scene of other large scale disturbances in the recent past. Police clashed with marchers on May Day, earlier this year, and 700 anti-fascists fought with police and boneheads, late last year.

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