Spain: journalists attacked by the police during large demonstration

Posted on 31 Μάρτιος 2014


Spain: journalists attacked by the police during large demonstration

Thousands took to the streets last Sunday in Madrid as part of a nationwide “March of Dignity”, protesting against austerity policies imposed by the increasingly authoritarian right-wing government. As stated in their manifesto of the protesters, their basic demands also include decent working conditions, housing and social rights. The organizers claimed that over a million responded to the calls, whilst many speak of “the largest demonstration in the history of the Spanish Republic.”
The protesters called the conservative government of Spain not to repay the debt and instead to fight unemployment, which at the moment stands at 26%. Additionally, speakers addressed not only economic issues, but also abortions and patriarchy.
At the end of the protests, clashes between demonstrators and police squads took place, according to the Spanish media. The authorities confirmed 24 arrests. In the videos below, we see seven journalists being assaulted, beaten and injured by riot police forces for trying to cover a violent arrest.
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