Moscow: Kiev and western donors is directly responsible for the bloodshed in E.Ukraine

Posted on 4 Μαΐου 2014


Moscow: Kiev and western donors is directly responsible for the bloodshed in E.Ukraine

Kiev government and the Western alliance to bring it full responsibility for the recent bloodshed IN Ουκρανία ,  Ρωσία ΤΗ Presidential spokesman ‘s said, adding that it is now impossible to convince people of the region to disarm because their lives are threatened.
Representative for polyakousmena Russians  Προέδρος Βλαντιμίρ Πούτιν ,  Ντμίτρι Πεσκόφ, Released an official statement after the tragic events in Odessa. 39 anti-government activists died in a house fire Unions there because the building was burned by pro-Kiev roots. Some anti-Kiev protesters burned to death, while others died from suffocation or jumped outside the window,  ουκρανικό ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΊΟ ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ  said.
Peskov expressed deep condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy on behalf of President Vladimir Putin said that the government of Kiev and the West had blood on their hands.
“The authorities in Kiev bring not only the direct responsibility, but is complicit in these criminal activities. Their hands are up to their elbows in blood,” said Peskov.
He said the tragedy in Odessa was the product of “complicity of those who consider themselves power in Kiev.”
“They allowed extremists and radicals to burn unarmed people alive. I stress that these people were unarmed.”
Peskov condemned the position taken by Washington and a number of European countries, as dictated by cynicism.
“It’s the biggest event of cynicism. People justifying the punitive function is the same as not allowing the legitimate President of Ukraine  Βίκτορ ΓιανούκοβιτςTo bring order to the country, “said Peskov, said in a special operation conducted in the eastern part of Ukraine in the For the Government of Kiev.
The most recent escalation of conflict in eastern Ukraine has made it impossible for any nation to convince people to disarm the area, because their lives are at risk, said Peskov.
“Despite consistent efforts to encourage dialogue, Russia has hit against challenge, not only in Kiev, but Western donors,” he said, stressing that Russia could not find a solution to this conflict alone .
Addressing the Ukrainian elections set to take place later this month, Peskov said that the prospect of such a vote was “absurd”, while violence continues to rage in the country.
Representative of the President announced on Friday that Kiev had essentially destroy the last vestige of hope for the implementation of the Geneva Agreement to defuse the Ukrainian crisis by launching a “punitive operation” in eastern Ukraine. H. Russia considers the act as criminal and Demand ουκρανική κυβέρνηση  Not to use violence against civilians.
However, the EU and the U.S. have both supported the operation of the government of Kiev.  Προέδρος Μπαράκ Ομπάμα  called it “a move to restore order”, while foreign policy chief of the EU  Κάθριν Άστονstated that “the State monopoly on the legitimate use of force must be respected. “
“Our colleagues in the West is essentially trying to justify the large number of killings that we see,” said Peskov, a declaration calling Aston “monstrous.”
When asked how Russia will react to the escalating conflict in Ukraine, Peskov said he was able to answer this question at present.
“This is uncharted territory for us,” said presidential spokesman, adding that H. RUSSIAN government has received thousands of calls  νοτιοανατολική ΟυκρανίαAsking the help of Moscow.
“Desperate people call, asking for help. Vast majority wants Russia’s help,” said Peskov. “All these calls have been reported to President Vladimir Putin.”

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