Ukrainian alleged war criminal wanted by German court

Posted on 23 Μάϊος 2014


Ukrainian alleged war criminal wanted by German court

This video from the USA says about itself:
Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection #071 (6/23/13): Michael Karkoc
18 June 2013
Rabbi Sol Solomon offers his thoughts on Michael Karkoc, a 94-year-oldNazi war criminal now living in Minnesota.
From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:
GERMANY: The country’s highest criminal court ruled yesterday that it has jurisdiction over the case of a retired carpenter accused of being a former commander in a nazi SS-led unit.
The Federal Court of Justice ruled that 95-year-old Michael Karkoc’s service in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defence Legion made him the “holder of a German office” even though he is not German himself.
The court says someone in that role “served the purposes of the nazi state’s world view.”
Federal prosecutors sent the case to the court after deciding there was enough evidence to pursue murder charges against Mr Karkoc, who now lives in the US.


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