Ukraine front: Greeks fighting on both sides

Posted on 28 Αὔγουστος 2014


Ukraine front: Greeks fighting on both sides

Greek neo-nazis joining Ukrainian paramilitary forces

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Neo-nazis from Greece, Italy and Scandinavia are among the paramilitary neo-nazi groups joining Kiev’s military forces against separatists in East Ukraine. The presence of the Greek neo-nazis was revealed on Telegraph by the head of one of the most powerful paramilitary groups, the Azov Battalion.

Through their extremist profiles on social media, neo-nazis in Ukraine managed to attract foreign fighters. According to the leader of the Azov Battalion, Andriy Biletsky, there are men from Ireland, Italy, Greece and Scandinavia under his command. In their base, a former sniper from the Swedish army, National Guard and current member of the Swedish far-Right, Michael Skilt, leads and trains one of the teams.

As he claimed on Telegraph, “the fighter woke-up inside him” after the clashes in Kiev. He receives around 130 euros per month for his “services” in Ukraine. After the end of his mission, he plans to go to Syria and fight for Bashar al-Assad. He states that, as a mercenary earns quite a lot of money.

Meanwhile, according to the Athens Courier newspaper, there are also Greeks among the representatives of various nationalities in the ranks of the Russian separatists. There is a large community of Greeks in the east of Ukraine, who have suffered as much as other residents of the region and many of them fled for Russia’s Rostov and Kuban regions.

“Pontic Greeks, who live in Greece, should be concerned with the fate of the Greeks living in Mariupol, which is trapped under the shelling [and other firing] of the Kiev-Lviv punishers,” according to the newspaper.

It is also noted that apart from Greeks, two battalions of Serbs and even 25 US citizens are fighting for “traditional human values” alongside militia in southeast Ukraine. According to earlier reports, within the Vostok Battalion, there are volunteers from Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Russia and Poland.



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