Further evidence towards a Dystopian, totally militarized future

Posted on 26 Ἀπρίλιος 2016


Further evidence towards a Dystopian, totally militarized future

A new report came to confirm of what many already suspect about a global, totally militarized future, even in the most developed countries. It appears that a booming industry of weapons to be used inside the urban centers, is exploiting the violence brought by extremists inside those centers. Terrorist attacks are also exploited by the governments to proceed in further suppression measures.
A new report from analysts with industry research group, Sandler Research, forecasts the Global Riot Control System Market for the next four years — but beyond a burgeoning market to parallel the expanding global police state, it appears world governments are also keenly aware of civilian discontent.
“Law enforcement agencies around the world are the biggest market for riot control systems. This market is expected to generate revenues of over USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2020. Countries such as the U.S., Iran, Egypt, Russia, China, and Thailand have started procuring riot control equipment and are investing heavily in [non-lethal weapons]. Moreover, special vehicles that are equipped with water cannon and reservoirs have been designed for security personnel, for use in areas of conflict to handle large crowds and demonstration. Demand for such equipment is expected to rise during the next few years.”
“In North America, the prominent markets are Canada and the U.S. and law enforcement agencies in these nations are best equipped with the upgraded weapons. The militarization of the police department and other law enforcement agencies in the Americas has encouraged the use of advanced riot control equipment.”
“Law enforcement agencies use riot control systems to maintain the public order and safety and to enforce laws. They are used to disperse, control, and arrest people involved in riots and protests. Riot control systems include lethal and non-lethal weapons (NWLs), body-worn cameras, armored vehicles, and communications systems.”
The nightmarish scenario shows that this Dystopian, totally militarized future may come quite sooner than we should probably expect. However, even more remarkable is the fact that this latest study predicts that “This market is expected to generate revenues of over USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2020.” and “Demand for such equipment is expected to rise during the next few years.”
These forecasts are perfectly aligned with the predictions of a report from 2016 Davos economic forum. As already mentioned in previous article: “The study estimates that there will be no ‘widespread societal upheaval—at least up until the year 2020’, due to the takeover of jobs by artificial intelligence, but is this realy a reason not to worry seriously? Think about it: 2020 is only four years from now! Say, at the end of the new US presidency.”
It seems that very few pieces of the puzzle have been left for someone to complete the already clear picture. Not only everything shows that the elites exploit terrorist attacks to impose further suppression measures, as they expect riots due to massive loss of jobs, but we have also a picture of the period in which we should expect a rapid rise of militarization. Therefore, from now and until 2020, we should expect an acceleration of police militarization and suppression against protesters, based on further potential terrorist attacks that will be used as a pretext.
Recall that we’ve seen signs of rapid militarization after Paris attacks. As also mentioned : “… on the occasion of the COP21 climate change summit, which by coincidence(?) took place in Paris, less than a month from the terror attacks, the French authorities proceeded in unprecedented security measures, including activists who had nothing to do with terrorism!”
Everything shows that the elites are breaking fast the social contract, building a protective wall around them: “It’s not accidental that the arms industries demonstrate new weapons designed to be used inside urban areas for suppression of potential riots. There will be no ‘outside enemy’ in the future. The threat for the dominant system will come from the interior, the big urban centers. Soldier-robots will protect worker-robots and resources.”
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