The Cox assassination and the cynicism of the markets in one graph

Posted on 18 Ἰουνίου 2016


The Cox assassination and the cynicism of the markets in one graph

The cynicism of markets and betting offices shows new data on the Brexit battle, following the assassination of Labour MP, Jo Cox.
The bookmakers, immediately after the assassination of MP Labour in Birstall, West Yorkshire, started to raise the chances of Bremain over those of Brexit in the referendum of 23rd June.
What is shocking, however, is the graph that depicts a sharp reversal and recovery rate of the pound and the stock markets, immediately after British police announced that Jo Cox is dead:
The graph illustrates that immediately before the announcement, the rate of the pound was at $1.4063, continuing the dive that had been triggered by the fear of a possible British exit from the EU, the last 24 hours.
Immediately after the police announcement, the exchange rate of the British currency rebounded sharply, reaching within a few minutes at $1.4153.
This graph not only shows the extreme cynicism of the markets, the main carrier of the neoliberal barbarism. It also shows that fanatic nationalism within UK and everywhere actually plays the game of the NWO neoliberal internationalists, for whom a potential Brexit would be an absolute nightmare.

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