Brexit vote prevailed, the resistance is possible!

Posted on 26 Ἰούνιος 2016


Brexit vote prevailed, the resistance is possible!

The British should expect a fierce economic war from the global financial mafia which will not accept the result so easily


by system failure


Finally, we didn’t see any massive earthquakes, the planet was not occupied by extraterrestrials, the sky didn’t fall on our heads. Despite the usual propaganda of fear by the known power centers inside and outside the European Union, in order to push the British people to vote against Brexit, the British have heroically chosen to abandon the EU.


Make no mistake. These are the same centers that tried to terrify the Greek people, in order to vote in favor of further brutal austerity on summer 2015. After their devastating defeat (despite that Tsipras eventually surrendered to the Brussels bureaufascists and the Berlin directorate), they have now suffered a second defeat in the UK, which will bring much more trouble to the current monstrous and repulsive European structure.


According to various sources, there will be period of at least two years before the definite “divorce” between the UK and the EU, obviously necessary for the smooth transition in the new status. Therefore, this period is expected to be exploited by the known power centers of the global financial elite.


Therefore, we may witness a fierce economic war against the British people that dared to say “NO” to the plans of the global financial oligarchy. The war will be used to spread further terror among other members of the EU that have already expressed their willing to proceed in similar referendums and walk on the British path. Besides, we have already witnessed recently a financial coupby the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) against Greece.


The propaganda launched by the European/international establishment attempted also to equate the xenophobia and nationalism with the vote for Brexit. Several “analysts” had gone further and tried to present the British citizens who voted for Brexit as a lumpen mob which has been manipulated by the leaders of the nationalists. This absurdly simplified propaganda shows the panic of the mechanisms of the dominant system which senses the beginning of its collapse.


Indeed, many British who voted for Brexit are located in areas where the Labour Party dominates. We should not forget that Corbyn has been pushed by the Party to declare a clear support on Bremain. This shows that the citizens who voted for Brexit is not a homogeneous mob that has been manipulated by the leaders of the nationalists. Many of them are working people who have been terrified by today’s Europe of brutal neoliberalism which dissolves the labor rights, the welfare state, while at the same time imposes a sado-monetarism and a cruel austerity. Their vote was a vote of resistance against this neo-Feudal Europe.


Brussels and Berlin are in constant denial. It’s impossible to accept that their policies have failed miserably. It’s impossible even to think that they should get rid of the bankers and the lobbyists who have occupied Brussels’ corridors. The puppets of the German big capital will not retreat from current policies because they want to proceed in a Treuhand-type operation in whatever will be left eventually from the EU.


Yet, the saddest thing was that the Left permitted the extreme nationalists to appear in the front line of another big battle. The Left was absent for one more time. The Left feared that would be blamed by the mouthpieces of the system for the dissolution of this “wonderful” Europe of brutal neoliberalism. Tsipras in Greece and Corbyn in the UK were key figures of this lack of braveness by the European Left, when it should be in the front line of the struggle against this repulsive Europe.


Consequently, Nigel Farage and other nationalists across Europe grabbed the chance to steal the rhetoric of a Left which, under other circumstances, would be determined to fight. The European Left should be the one that should speak open and straight about the struggle against the bankers and the multinationals, not Farage.


Farage’s disgraceful statement that victory has been achieved ‘without a single bullet being fired’, ignoring so demonstratively Cox’s assassination, shows how dangerous the nationalists are, and the need for the Left to take the leadership of the struggle against the current European monster. Maybe the Spanish elections today will give the signal for a new start, as the moderate Iglesias is not alone inside the Leftist coalition.

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