Here is why the black priesthood of the euro-dictatorship wanted to get rid of Varoufakis

Posted on 6 Ἰουλίου 2016


Here is why the black priesthood of the euro-dictatorship wanted to get rid of Varoufakis

The famous American economist, James Galbraith, confirms through his book, why the black priesthood of the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) wanted to get rid of the former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis, as well as, the radical part of SYRIZA, in order to force Tsipras to surrender, especially after Draghi’s financial coup against Greece on summer 2015.
From Kathimerini :
The Plan B for Greece that was drafted by former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis foresaw the declaring of a state of emergency, the immediate nationalization of the Bank of Greece, the transformation of bank deposits into a New Drachma and emergency public order measures, according to a book by American economist James Galbraith, Varoufakis’s chief coordinator for the plan.
In the book, “Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice: The Destruction of Greece and the Future of Europe,” which has been translated into Greek, Galbraith describes in detail Varoufakis’s plan for moving Greece to a parallel banking system last year.
Even though there was a high-level meeting about the plan, Galbraith said the prime minister did not ask to be briefed, so work on the endeavor ended with the submission of an extensive memo in May.
Recall that, already since May 2015, the known journalist Paul Mason, revealed a plan, obviously by certain circles inside eurozone, according to which they want to mutate SYRIZA into a systemic social-democratic party, and force it to implement every single detail of the neoliberal experiment in Greece. As an exchange, they would proceed in a type of debt relief for Greece.
As Mason wrote:
“In the script according to the eurozone, the expected ending is: Syriza splits; finance minister Varoufakis makes good his pledge not to sign a surrender and resigns. A government of the centre-left forms, with Alexis Tsipras now allied to the centrist Potami party and with tacit support from a liberal wing of the New Democracy party. Debt relief happens, but on the terms dictated by the lenders, and Syriza survives to complete its mutation into a centre-left social democratic party.” (fa.ev/gromle)
The revelation comes on the anniversary of last year’s referendum, in which the Greek people, despite the propaganda of terror by the mainstream media and the closed banks, voted clearly against the new IMF-type measures of destruction imposed by the EFD.
Various “pundits” in the mainstream media still adopt the propaganda of the neoliberal fascism, saying that the referendum was “wrong” because the people can make “mistake” and vote “incorrectly”. Who do they think they are? Who has the right to decide what’s right and what’s wrong in the name of the people? The translation of this behavior is simple: the “pundits” are the servants of the oligarchy that destroyed Greece, yet the people pay the price. So, they want now to kill democracy because people could vote against their interests and their dominance! Something similar happened in the recent British referendum.
The same mainstream parrots condemn Varoufakis, just because he wanted an alternative exit from the euro-dictatorship!
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