Venezuela and other Latin America countries-targets confirmed by the IMF

Posted on 24 Αὐγούστου 2016


Venezuela and other Latin America countries-targets confirmed by the IMF

After destroying Greece with the help of the European Financial Dictatorship, the IMF mafia is ready to invade Latin America … again. On late July, a statement by the Fund actually revealed its main targets currently in the region.
The International Monetary Fund forecasts for 2016 a contraction in Latin America’s average GDP of 0.4 percent, due mainly to economic problems in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, a senior IMF official said here Tuesday.
The head of the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Department, the Mexican economist Alejandro Werner, took part in a Montevideo conference on structural reforms.
“The panorama of Latin America is largely determined by economies like Venezuela, which faces a considerable projected contraction (some 10 percent); Brazil, which will experience a decline similar to last year’s; and Argentina, obviously because of the transition going on there,” Werner told the press.
Given that a key tool of the US imperialism is the US-controlled IMF mafia, this is actually the best confirmation for the estimation of this blog through the article ‘Fixing’ Latin America for Hillary? on early June. It was pointed that:
          A wave of neoliberal onslaught shakes currently Latin America. While in Argentina, Mauricio Macri allegedly took the power normally, theconstitutional coup against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, as well as, the usual actions of the Right opposition in Venezuela against Nicolás Maduro with the help of the US finger recently, are far more obvious. The special weight of these three countries in Latin America is extremely important for the US imperialism to regain ground in the global geopolitical arena. Especially the last ten to fifteen years, each of them developed increasingly autonomous policies away from the US close custody, under Leftist governments, and this was something that alarmed the US imperialism components.
The case of Venezuela is really interesting. The US imperialists were fiercely trying to overthrow the Leftist governments since Chávez administration. They found now a weaker president, Nicolás Maduro, who certainly does not have the strength and personality of Hugo Chávez, to achieve their goal.
The Western media mouthpieces are doing their job, which is propaganda as usual. The recipe is known. You present the half truth, with a big overdose of exaggeration. The establishment parrots are demonizing Socialism, but they won’t ever tell you about the money that the US are spending, feeding the Right-Wing groups and opposition to proceed in provocative operations, in order to create instability. They won’t tell you about the financial war conducted through the oil prices, manipulated by the Saudis, the close US ally.
The IMF is ready to invade Venezuela, in order to open the road for the private corporations towards the rich oil deposits. Privatization is promoted as the antidote to “evil” Socialism, but of course, no one will tell you how badly failed in all the IMF cases in the past and lately in Greece.
The real “crime” of Chávez and Maduro, is that they didn’t do enough to build a multi-dimensional economy. As the social programs for the poor depend to a high degree on the oil industry profits, the outside economic war could easily destroy these programs. This could increase public anger against the Socialist governments.
As Heiko Khoo describes: “Like many oil-based economies, Venezuela suffers from its lack of economic diversity. Attempts to sustain generous state subsidies for food, health, education and a raft of other benefits, met with bitter resistance from the Venezuelan capitalist elite. They organized a campaign of sabotage and orchestrated shortages. However, government policies to create a dual currency also undermined its own ability to plan the economy. […] We are witnessing a counter-revolutionary wave in South America, which is sharpest in Brazil and Venezuela. To defeat this, President Maduro should act decisively to crush the economic sabotage organized by the richest families and launch a call to arms to reawaken the revolutionary movement throughout the continent.”
And Gabriel Hetland states: “Since winning the December 2015 parliamentary elections, opposition leaders have said next to nothing about their plans for addressing the crisis. In June I asked a top official in the administration of Carlos Ocariz, the mayor of Sucre municipality and a top figure within Primero Justicia (a leading opposition party), about opposition plans. He responded with a common line: “There can be no economic change without political change.” Chavistas believe the opposition is reluctant to reveal its true plans because they would be so unpopular; they’re rumored to include full-scale privatization of the economy and a painful agreement with the IMF. It is far from clear that such actions are what Venezuela needs to get back on track.”
The global neo-feudals are not using military dictatorships anymore. They prefer economic wars, although sometimes their anxiety to prevail leads them to clumsy actions, like the financial coup against Greece last summer. They are ready to take Venezuela and the rest Latin America key players. What they won’t tell you, is that their neoliberal “architecture” will bring far more poverty, unemployment, inequality, and above all, looting of the public property, which is of course their main target. Yet, the well-paid parrots of the establishment are doing everything they can to present Socialism as an evil thing which must be destroyed.
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