Native Argentines fight fracking by global corporations

Posted on 11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016


Native Argentines fight fracking by global corporations

Oil companies looking to expand fracking in Argentina have been met by opposition from indigenous Mapuche communities and environmentalists who say the controversial extraction method has ruined their drinking water and caused cancer.


“The animals drank the water and then they gave birth to kids with just skin, no hair. That’s never happened before,” Mapuche member Susana Campo told the BBC.


Members of the Mapuche communities claim there has been an increase in animal deformities as a result of fracking, which pumps highly-pressurized water deep into rock to release gas and oil.


A University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University found people who live close to fracking sites are more likely to have heart conditions, cancer, and neurological illnesses.


The community insists the water is contaminated, with some reporting being sick from drinking it.


“I’ve had stomach aches. I’ve also vomited,” Josefia Campo said. “We know it’s because the water is contaminated, but we have to continue drinking this water. Poor people can’t afford to buy water.”


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