Mainstream media nearly ignored Die Linke rise in Berlin state election

Posted on 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016


Mainstream media nearly ignored Die Linke rise in Berlin state election

Concerning the 18th Berlin state election in Germany, the mainstream media mainly focused on three things: 1st (naturally), the first place, taken by the SPD Social-Democrats, 2nd (naturally), Merkel’s shocking defeat, 3rd (naturally), the significant rise of the right-wing populist, eurosceptic and nationalist party, Alternative for Germany (AfD).


However, it would be useful to mention that Social-Democrats also sufferedsignificant losses, in regard to previous elections. Actually, their losses (-6.7% and -10 seats), were bigger than Merkel’s CDU (-5.8% and -8 seats).


Moreover, most of the mainstream media didn’t bother to mention the rise of Die Linke Leftists. Die Linke took the third place with 15.6% (+4% and +7 seats) and could easily drop CDU from the second place. In fact, the significant percentages of Die Linke and the Greens (together more than 30%), could be considered the only hopeful sign against the dramatic rise of nationalists that brings nightmarish memories of the past.


Die Linke is one of the few political parties in Germany that criticized intensively the German policies of austerity that destroyed Greek economy, while throwing eurozone into a dangerous stagnation. Seeing that euro has been used by the economic elites to transform Greece into a debt colony, a part of the European Left, and therefore a part of Die Linke, is becoming hostile against the euro currency.


Meaning, that the establishment starts to sense a real threat from the Left.


Despite the shocking rise of the nationalists, mostly due to the refugee crisis, Die Linke exhibited a remarkable, quite promising strength. The shocking losses for the parties of the establishment are a sign for a, quite probable, complete transformation of the German political landscape in the 2017 national elections.


Maybe it’s time for the Left to make a new attempt to change the catastrophic course of Europe. And this new struggle could start at the heart of current big problems that Europe currently confronts. 



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