Syrian-born journalist slams MSM for Aleppo bias

Posted on 6 Ὀκτωβρίου 2016


Syrian-born journalist slams MSM for Aleppo bias

A Syrian-born journalist has slammed the New York Daily News and the Independent newspaper for not accusing Syrian rebels of shelling areas belonging to government forces, lamenting that the MSM is not covering all sides of the war.


Harout Ekmanian was speaking to RT about his disbelief at the deliberate misreporting of the death of a Syrian swimmer and her 12-year-old brother.


Mireille Hindoyan and her younger sibling were killed in the Villi district of West Aleppo on Friday.


“I think the first victim of the war is the truth, especially in the Syrian war where journalism and journalists suffered a lot. Preserving impartiality has become a very difficult task for journalists,” he said.


Ekmanian, who now lives in New York, wrote an editorial in the New York Daily News explaining what had happened, only for the publication to remove a section in which he said the rebels were responsible for the deaths of the brother and sister.


“The New York Daily News published my contribution, but a paragraph was removed. I don’t think personally that was a very serious editorial decision and I am still waiting for an explanation,” he told RT.


Ekmanian, who originally hails from the Armenian district in Aleppo, says he has spoken to eyewitnesses who “specifically confirmed” that the bombing was carried out by “rebel shelling.” His forays into writing for major US publications have also uncovered disheartening truths about how the conflict in Syria is being reported, he says.


“The issue of this media censorship or media bias about some facts about the Syrian war [shows] there is a general atmosphere of media bias or restricting the narrative to certain news trends. I think this is the general issue that I see to the experience that I went through.”





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