Dear Americans: you do have a choice!

Posted on 6 Νοεμβρίου 2016


Dear Americans: you do have a choice!


Jill Stein for President! – The establishment is not unbeatable!
by system failure
We deeply regret for the fact that, through this blog, we declared that theAmerican people have been left again with zero options, when Bernie Sanders was defeated by the DNC corrupt establishment that fully promotes Hillary Clinton.
Back then, appeared that what was left in the final round, especially after Bernie’s withdrawal, looks like a script straight from hell. Looking at these two political figures, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, one can sense, more or less, only one feeling: terror!
Clinton has proven her undeniable obsession with Russia in multiple cases, and during the last presidential debates. She has proven her commitment to the neocon/neoliberal agenda by avoiding to admit that the various US wars – and especially the invasion in Iraq – brought absolute chaos. They are the definition of absolute failure and disaster from every perspective.
Under the progressive “cloak”, Hillary is impossible to hide her real, ultimate mission: provoke Russia and China to the limits. A dangerous neocon strategy, born inside the most ruthless and paranoid neocon minds, that could bring humanity to the edge of a WWIII absolute nightmare.
On the other dark side, you have a racist billionaire who resembles a ruthless Orwellian persona. He belongs to the group of Far-Right monsters, generated by the destructive force of the neoliberal domination. Or, at least that’s how it appears.
Trump’s obsession with China, as well as, with Iran, shows that it would not be difficult to play the dangerous neocon game, despite his superficial sympathy for Putin and Russia. Surprisingly enough, the US mainstream media have “played” him even more than their favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton.
Furthermore, his passing through the whole political spectrum in the past, as well as his old friendship with the Clintonian dynasty, shows that he is a kind of political chameleon, a smart manipulator who is using the suitable rhetoric in the suitable moment, to attract mostly Right-Wing, anti-NWO voters. Well, because people have learned from the past and are more suspicious than ever, the establishment had to find more complex methods to drive them where it wants.
Therefore, Trump’s extreme rhetoric is being used also to frighten the huge tank of the moderate, undecided voters and drive them to Hillary as the “less evil” solution. The establishment is using Trump as the ultimate tool for a kind of political “bullying”. Sanders was forced finally to endorse Clinton, otherwise the media would had “crucify” him by claiming that he is leading his supporters away from Hillary, therefore contribute to the rise of the “monster” Trump.
As a final conclusion, Trump appears to be the reserve of the establishment, a solution of necessity in case that Hillary will go down, drowned inside the endless revelations coming through WikiLeaks, as well as the FBI investigation.
So far, everything seemed to be returning to the usual situation in the US political scenery, where the voters are being forced to pick a candidate from the bipartisan establishment. However, despite that the Clinton/Trump duo represents the most undesirable choice for the Americans for decades, there is a significant factor which makes a real difference: it’s the unprecedented political movement, mobilized by Bernie Sanders.
Fresh leaks from the Podesta email series, prove beyond any doubt that Bernie Sanders was undesirable not only to the DNC establishment but also to the lobbyists attached to the Clinton camp. They’ve managed to put Bernie out of the game, but it’s simply impossible to get rid of the people that form his mass movement. That’s because people have the real power and the specific leaks prove also that the establishment afraid of this power.
So ultimately, there is a real option to fit perfectly to this huge political movement which had enough of the bipartisan authoritarianism and it’s impossible to compromise with the “lesser evil” logic. The Green Party leader, Jill Stein, represents everything that Bernie Sanders supports and maybe even more. So, dear Americans, you do have a choice! The establishment is not unbeatable!
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