Feminism: 10 differences between the bourgeois and the anarchist.

Posted on 1 Ἰανουαρίου 2017


Feminism: 10 differences between the bourgeois and the anarchist.

by  noticias y anarquia shared with thanks   translation TheFreeOnlinedariung-feminists1- The bourgeois feminists seek the protection of women through the coercive apparatuses of the State. Libertarian feminists advocate self-advocacy for women in community.anarcha feminist transformation
2 – bourgeois feminism wants every woman to compete on ‘equal opportunities’ and be rewarded according to their individual merits. On the contrary, anarcha-feminists struggle so that each individual develops in solidarity in equality and that each one is satisfied according to her/his needs.mujeres kurdas..jpg
3 – The bourgeois feminists desire the incorporation of women in positions of power, in the parliament and the armies; In the upper management of capitalist enterprises and in government executives. Anarchist feminists want the abolition of hierarchical institutions. That is why they declare themselves anti-statists, anti-militarists and critical of parliamentarism.cropped-fab1
4- Bourgeois feminism maintains that the equality of gender is a “human right” that must be guaranteed by the State. Libertarian feminists argue that the state can not guarantee equality, since equality can not be achieved through the hierarchy of society that generates the pyramidal and repressive organization of the state.
5. The bourgeois feminists create “citizen feminist consciousness”, that is, a set of practices and values that create a subject docile and submissive to democratic-neoliberal relations. Anarcha-feminists create “feminist class consciousness,” that is, libertarian principles and ends with the intention of abolishing power relations and replacing them with free relationships in equality.
for a feminist May 1st.. All Womens Strike
for a feminist May 1st.. All Womens Strike
6- The bourgeois feminists insist on explaining feminism historically through “waves” (first wave, second wave, third wave, etc.), ignoring and censoring feminist and anarchist community workers. Libertarian feminists, without neglecting the theoretical and conjunctural contributions of hegemonic feminism, are centered above all on the historical struggles of women of the oppressed and exploited classes.anarcho-feminism
7- Bourgeois feminists want a capitalism “green, friendly and inclusive”. Anarcha-feminists struggle against capitalism and against all forms of oppression, be it economic, political or cultural.
8- The bourgeois feminists are linked to hierarchical organizations and parliamentary parties. They promote state electoralism and the importance of the inclusion of women in bourgeois politics. Anarcha-feminists, organize in horizontal associations, practice direct action, mutual support and self-management.anarchist feminist
9- Bourgeois feminists consider gender parity laws as vital to “feminize” the hierarchical institutions of capitalism. Libertarian feminists consider that the anti-patriarchal struggle is not to dominate ‘equitably’ at the same time as statist males, but to abolish domination relations.
10- The bourgeois feminists want the male to collaborate in the division of labor in the home and that is a complement of the woman under binaristic canons. Libertarian feminists, on the other hand, radically question heterogeneity, the patriarchal family structure, and the concept of love that sustains it.
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