The US empire threatens Latin American countries in its effort to overthrow Maduro

Posted on 29 Ἰούλιος 2017


The US State Department makes some aggressive moves aimed at canceling the elections for the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, the last 24 hours.
Just days after the director of CIA revealed that he had contacts with officials in Mexico and Colombia to overthrow President Maduro, the US embassy in Caracas is removing the families of its diplomats and staff from the country.
At the same time, the US Ambassador in Nicaragua, Laura Dogu, has openly threatened the country’s government with sanctions for its relations with Venezuela. The US diplomat stated that the US government and Congress know which countries support Venezuela, and added that Nicaragua has not so many friends in Washington to be able to support Caracas.
Washington has been threatening Nicaragua for years with a financial embargo – a tool that now uses for its plans to overthrow the Venezuelan president.
For his part, the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, warned that Washington’s possible intervention in Venezuela could lead to armed conflicts and blamed the Secretary General of the Organization of American States for interfering in Venezuela’s domestic political life.
The US imposed financial sanctions on 13 officials in Venezuela, including the Ombudsman, Tarek William Saab. In the past, Saab had accused members of the opposition of threatening to set fire to his home and burn down members of his family.
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