The brutal neoliberal experiment has ended for the boiled frog Greece – what we should be expecting next

Posted on 27 Αὔγουστος 2018


The brutal neoliberal experiment has ended for the boiled frog Greece – what we should be expecting next


The fact that Brussels euroclowns celebrated in triumph the exit of Greece from the memorandum agreement, should be taken only as a huge farce.


The Troika (ECB, European Commission, IMF) bailout program has officially ended and the result is a scenery of disaster. If you still believe that this program has been implemented to save the Greek economy and not the Franco-German banks, take a look at the situation today.


Greece entered the bailout program with national debt at 120% of GDP. Now, the debt remains close to 180% of GDP! Unemployment remains at record levels. Public property has been sold-off for pennies to foreign ‘investors’. Labor rights almost vanished, the situation resembles the Middle Ages. Social state and benefits severely damaged. This is the Troika ‘success story’.


So, in reality, the experiment was indeed successful for the goals of the international capitalist predators who transformed the country into a debt colony. For more than eight years, they boiled the frog slowly with the help of Troika, and now it’s impossible to escape from the hot water.


While the clowns in Brussels had to present a ‘success story’ to cover their huge failure and slow down the centrifugal forces against eurozone’s existence and unity, the mainstream media didn’t exactly celebrate. Most of the headlines were quite moderate and even alarming for the future of the Greek economy.


This contradiction could be explained by the fact that the neoliberal regime apparatus wants to send a warning sign to Tsipras administration not to take any action without permission. It is more than certain that the tight scrutiny will be continued and Tsipras must prove to the Western neocolonialists that he will not even think to implement any anti-austerity policies.


It is worth to mention that most of the neutral/pessimistic headlines came from the Anglo-American mainstream media. This could be also considered another indication about the level of deterioration in the relations between the Anglo-American axis and the Brussels-Berlin axis, inside the Western camp.


Without a bailout program, Greece will be left alone now to swim with the bloodthirsty sharks of the global financial mafia in the wild sea of the supposedly ‘free markets’. The fear of the Greek government in front of such a perspective became quite evident when Greece ‘decided’ to expel two Russian diplomats in order to take a small gift by Standard and Poor’s.


Greece will have to give much more to the Western neoliberal predators. Otherwise, the rating agencies will be ordered to attack again and force the ruined Greek economy into another round of disastrous bailouts.


Either way, the debt colony will deliver to the predators every single asset that has been left untouched.

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