‘Democratic Tsunami’ Occupies the Square.. And Barcelona Main Street

Posted on 7 Νοεμβρίου 2019


The Free

The new indefinite occupation is just 2 streets from Plaça Catalunya which was the main location where anti-government protests and sit ins began in May 2011 in Barcelona, mirroring the events in other Spanish cities, and an inspiration to the Occupy  movement which snowballed worldwide..

Defying extreme police violence and the jailings by the politically controlled courts the massive demonstrations continue. The fast growing street camp blocks the main Gran Via street right outside the university. The occupation defies the Spanish authorities to order an eviction just days before yet another General Election on Nov 10th.

Hundreds of students have been camping since Wednesday in Plaça Universitat in the centre of Barcelona, protesting the Supreme Court’s verdicts and the repression of the independence movement, as well as calling for a “dignified future”, citing issues like the lack of social housing, full equality between men and women and the need for…

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