A Rapist in Your Way ..videos and texts: Un Violador en tu Camino .. power perfomance sweeps Latin America and World (updated)

Posted on 16 Μάρτιος 2020


The Free

A Rapist in Your Way .. via Ear to the Ground , 30/11/19 shared with thanks

Today’s piece pays homage– and it must– to the brave women of Chile and around the world who are standing up for their right to be free from sexual and gender-based violence..

Its an amazing performance video, easy to learn and now reproducing in women’s demos all over Latin America

see full lyrics in Spanish, English and German BELOW

Original Performance, Collective LasTesis, Santiago, Chile, November 25, 2019 wherethe Pinera Regime has been deploying sexual violence, torture and disappearances in response to recent anti-austerity protests.

Currently, Mexico leads…

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