American Hitler prepares a genocide: Adolf Trump va por Venezuela

Posted on 6 Ἀπρίλιος 2020


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Publicado el 5 abril, 2020 por COLAREBO

Adolf Trump is going for Venezuela .. A leap to nowhere?

By Stella Calloni..shared and translated with thanks

In the midst of a devastating scenario, when the United States has become the country with the highest number of deaths and infected by the corona virus, President Donald Trump and his team of serial criminals such as Elliott Abrams, Cuban-Americans Mauricio Claver-Carone, Marcos Rubio and others of the same ilk, communicated that his country and 22 other nations would launch “a powerful operation against drug trafficking in the western hemisphere, deploying military reinforcements of the Navy and the air force in the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific. “.

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From Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro denounced this situation to the world, in an extraordinary letter to governments and in other memorable speeches, while most countries in the world and even the United Nations request…

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